Vertical fabric blinds trap dust, dirt, pollen and pet hair, and absorb odours such as cooking, pet and cigarette smells. Dusting or vacuuming will help to keep them cleaner for longer, but for a deep, thorough clean, Sonic Blind Cleaning will remove the slats, ultrasonically clean, sanitize and deodorize, and return and re-hang your perfectly clean blinds.  We also service the tracks and can treat your blinds for mould as well.

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Vertical blind ready for cleaning

Let Sonic Bind Cleaning 'zap' away your vertical blind's dirt and grime with ultrasonic bubbles.

Ultrasonically cleaning the blind

The Cleaning Process

When you need your vertical blinds cleaned, give Sonic Blind Cleaning a call and let us demonstrate our professional service.

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Sonic Blind Cleaning is family run business, providing a professional blind cleaning service, using quality ultrasonic methods.

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